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Founder & Managing Member
Elizabeth L. Carter, Esq., LLC
Founder & Managing Member
Elizabeth L. Carter, Esq., LLC

About Elizabeth L. Carter, Esq. 

Elizabeth is a corporate securities attorney within the commercial real estate finance industry where she provides counsel, strategy, and compliance to redevelopers, real estate companies, and real estate investment funds raising capital from investors and other sources of real estate finance.  She also has a background in community economic development where she previously served as special counsel within the Dept. of Economic & Housing Development of the City of Newark, NJ and as a solo practitioner of a community economic development law firm. 

In her role as an attorney, Elizabeth has drafted legislation, created policy, led and counseled multi-million dollar inclusive redevelopment projects, cooperatives, and other small businesses in various industries , including hair care; skin care; cannabis; electric vehicles; and ride-share apps.  

Elizabeth is also a founding member of a Black Ellen owned holding cooperative that is designed to support Black women entrepreneurs interested in scaling and growing their businesses through an internal, membership-based business ecosystem providing legal, accounting, marketing, co-packing, warehousing, administrative, funding, and affordable commercial space. 

Elizabeth has a Masters in Urban Planning and a Juris Doctorate from Rutgers University, as well as a Bachelor’s of Arts  (honors) in  political science, philosophy, and African-American studies from the University of Michigan. She has obtained numerous fellowships, most recently the recognition of a Harvard Law & Political Economy Scholar for her work within the political and restorative economy space, especially as it concerns cooperatives and other creative structures designed to combat systematic racism.

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