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Founder & Coach
Lapelie Good
Founder & Coach
Lapelie Good

About Diamond Greer Jones

How has she positively impacted women and/or girls in Chicago?

Diamond is the Co-Founder of Let’s Vibe – an experience design firm focused on closing the global leadership and equity gap through human-centered design. Growth is actualized through innovative programming, collaborative community and client services. While Let’s VibeHQ has since paused it’s services, Diamond continues to lend her expertise to young girls in Chicago. She recently joined Girls Inc. of Chicago’s Influential Women series to provide girls with guidance on fueling their purpose, and pivoting to find joy in their decision-making.

What lessons can girls and/or other women learn from her?

Diamond has been a fearless woman of the future, for as long as I’ve known her. Since walking into my office as a High School Junior, she has leveraged opportunities, sought wisdom from her mentors and peers, and provided encouragement to other young women and girls. Girls can learn from her calm, motivating demeanor and ability to sort through significant moments to find purpose. She leans into being unapologetic and inspiring future generations of women leaders.

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