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Jayna C. Butler

Curriculum and Program Implementation Specialist

Jayna C. Butler

Curriculum and Program Implementation Specialist

What’s your best advice for your younger self?

My best advice for my younger self is to break the rules. While rules are helpful and give things order, I became so consumed with the rules and status quo that over time I lost my ability to think outside the box and tap into my creativity. It’s okay to be messy, it’s okay to color outside the lines, and it’s okay to “mess up”. Keep going, keep pushing, and keep staying true to you!

About Jayna C. Butler

Jayna Butler is an educator with over six years of experience working with youth across the Chicagoland area. Born and raised in the south suburbs, Jayna always knew teaching was her passion. In 2012, she began her journey at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Special Education. She started her teaching career in her hometown of Park Forest, IL and transitioned to CPS in 2018 where she worked at Sadlowski Elementary school as a learning specialist. In 2021, she earned her Master’s degree in Bilingual Education and continued her advocacy by supporting EL students with learning disabilities at Moos Elementary school in Humboldt Park. She is a passionate about building positive relationships and maintaining safe spaces for kids where they believe they can try new things and grow! Jayna’s work with Girls Inc prompts a shift in her academic background as she expands in her efforts to support social and emotional development by encouraging girls to be proud of their identity and backgrounds. Outside of work, Jayna loves spending time outdoors, making memories with family, and tapping into her creativity through art and dance.

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