Karen Raidel, GIoC Supporter

Karen Raidel
Chicago native Karen Raidel has been a proud supporter of Girls Inc. of Chicago (GIoC) since 2018. A Chicago Public Schools graduate from the Marquette Park neighborhood, Karen said that she “doesn’t have a lot to give” but makes giving to our organization a priority. In fact, GIoC is the number one charity that she supports.

On why she supports our work, Karen explained:

Even for a white girl like me, it was a challenge to be a leader while female when the system (my culture, my family, my neighborhood) seemed intent on holding women and girls in “their place”.

I wish with all my heart that there had been a Girls Inc of Chicago when I was coming up and thankfully, today, there is. I’m in the position now where I can help a little so that another Chicago girl might not have to figure this all out on her own. This group is especially meaningful because it helps my Black and Brown sisters.​

I don’t know who originally said this, but many have repeated the quote about when you climb your own ladder of success, reach back to pull others up. This is how I want to live my life – to succeed while helping other women and girls along the way. Because in my heart I believe, one day girls – of all types — will run the world. And won’t we all be better off for it?