The Elementary School Program provides girls, grades K-8, with academic support, literacy focused programming and hands-on enrichment activities. Literacy is a cornerstone of our programming and is incorporated through all of the elementary school programs. Girls enjoy an environment that takes girls seriously and provides a chance for them to make new friends, learn new skills, ask questions and explore.

Our identity programs for the 2019-2020 School Year include Economic Literacy and Operation Smart.

OPERATION SMART: Girls Inc. Operation SMART develops girls’ enthusiasm for and skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Through hands-on activities, girls explore, ask questions, persist, and solve problems. By interacting with women and men pursuing STEM careers, girls come to view these careers as exciting and realistic options for themselves.

ECONOMIC LITERACY: Through Girls Inc. Economic Literacy, girls learn about money and the economy, including how to manage, invest, and save money and how to help others through philanthropy. As girls explore how the economy affects everyone locally and globally, they develop skills critical to being financially savvy and become economically independent adults. The following core components give girls a foundation for economically independent adulthood and an understanding of key economic concepts at the individual, family, community, national, and global levels and of the impact that girls can have.

For more information about Elementary Programs, please contact us at or 312-761-3816.