Paving The Way For Girls to Run the World


Chicago native Karen Raidel has been a proud supporter of Girls Inc. of Chicago (GIoC) since 2018. A Chicago Public Schools graduate from the Marquette Park neighborhood, Karen said that she “doesn’t have a lot to give” but makes giving to our organization a priority. In fact, GIoC is the number one charity that she supports

“I wish with all my heart that there had been a Girls Inc of Chicago when I was coming up. And thankfully, today, there is.”

“I’m in the position now where I can help a little so that another Chicago girl might not have to figure this all out on her own.”

Karen believes that our work is especially meaningful because it helps African-American and Latinx girls.

According to Karen, this feminist girl power meme visually depicts her belief in the value of women reaching up and down to help one another as they climb their own ladders of success.

She wants to live her life to succeed by helping other women along the way. Why? “Because in my heart I believe, one day Girls – of all types — will run the world. And won’t we all be better off for it?”