About Us

Pamela Robinson
40+ Double Dutch Club

Pamela Robinson is a 50 year old woman who God is using to show women everywhere that you’re never too old and it’s never too late!

In May of 2016 the 40+ Double Dutch Club was born from a desire to find a “happy place” to go to when “adulting” and the inevitable stresses of life got to be too much. After Pam and her friend Catrina decided to make a post asking if any of their friends wanted to come out and jump, the 40+ Double Dutch was officially born! It’s an opportunity for women age 40 and above who want an exciting, affordable way to improve their physical, mental and spiritual health while interacting with other women, reliving positive childhood memories and creating new ones! What started with a small group of women in Chicago has since grown into a ministry of almost 15,000 women throughout the nation!